Wood Is Our Passion

Our love for wood and cabinetry makes for a magical combination of new sleek designs that are classy yet practical pieces of art. Our passion for the trade lead each job to being treated individually with its own unique beauty that separate’s them from all the other pieces of work.

The Design

DeNic Cabinets, on appointment, meets with the client for a free no obligation consultation.
With our wealth of experience we then provide the client with different material choices and samples together with alternative design ideas to compliment those that the client may already have in mind.

The 3D renderings

DeNic Cabinets will generate high resolution 3D renderings for the clients specific requirements to allow for visuals of what the completed product will look like once manufactured and installed. These renderings will allow for modifications and alterations to the draft designs, until such time that the clients ideal design is finalized.

DeNic Cabinets uses ARTICAD, which is a state of the art design software.
We’re able to generate photo realistic images.

Acceptance of Quotation and Design

Once a client is entierly satisfied with the final designs presented by DeNic Cabinets, signing off of the quotation together with the rendering proofs is undertaken by the client as well as the agreed upon deposit is received, the manufacturing process begins.

The Manufacturing Process

DeNic Cabinets prides themselves of using top quality machine tools, equipment, and raw materials to ensure that the final product is of a superior quality, thereby giving the client piece of mind that they have invested in top quality products, increasing the value of their property. All of DeNic Cabinets products are entirly manufactured in-house.

The Installation process

Once the cabinetry is ready for instillation, DeNic Cabinets will contact the client to confirm a mutually agreed upon instillation date. Depending on the size of the instillation DeNic Cabinets will give the client an indication of the instillation time frame.

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